“Dairy cow farming” provided by King Rama 9

King Bhumipol (Rama 9) provided this occupation to Thai people since 17th Jan? 1962. It brought income, jobs to more than 26,000 Thai Family, including economic value of milk products annually 60,000 million baht.
(Cooperatives Promotion Department : MOU year 2014/2015)
In Year 1960, King Rama 9 visited Denmark and appreciate dairy farming technology which could support high nutrition consumption and encourage Thai farmer with security occupation and quit from shifting cultivation.
Denmark was famous in dairy farming technology in this time. With relationship of King Rama 9. Denmark?s government provided professional and survey team to explore Khao Yai to Hua Hin area by Helicopter. They found that Saraburi had suitable water source and natural climate for dairy farming.
In Present, Dairy Cow Farmers are Cooperatives group as royal thought throughout Thailand. It pushed the coordinate government and private to promote dairy farming industry.
To commemorate Royal grace , Duties, Talent and Perseverance of his Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej (Rama 9). Hence, we were offering The great named king to ? God father of Thai dairy cow farming ?
Credit: http://www.dpo.go.th/