What kind of mMilk products ?

We have pasteurized milk only as below.

  • Pasteurised Milk 100% Full Fat , Plain, 2 Litre, white label, black cap
  • Pasteurised Milk 100% Lactose Free? Full Fat, Plain, 2 Litre & 800 ml, Grey dot label, Black cap
  • Pasteurised Milk 100% Lactose Free Low Fat , Plain, 2 Litre, Blue dot label, Grey cap

How different between Pasteurized mMilk 100% and Lactose Free?

Lactose Free Milk is not contained lactose sugar. It suitable for Lactose Intolerance People. They can feel comfort, easy to digest and not diarrhea.

How different between dot grey color & dot blue color on the bottle?

Dot grey is Full Fat Lactose Free and Dot Blue is Low Fat Lactose Free.

Why lactose free mMlik is a liitle sweet taste?

It?s natural sweetness from natural sugar (glucose & galactose) without adding any sugar.

How long does mMilk pasteurized milk?

2 weeks always at chilled condition temperature 4 -8 C

How to contact our products?

contact through social network as

  • Facebook : mmilkbrand
  • Instagram : mmilkbrand
  • Line : mmilkbrand
  • Email : info@maryanne.co.th
  • Call center : 02- 938-9091 ? 2 # 1303

Where I can buy mMilk products?

Superstore market TOPS, Home fresh mart, Gourmet market The Mall, Promenade, Max Value, Villa market, Foodland and Isetan Supermarket. Update market channel by Line, Facebook & Call center

Who is suitable for Lactose Free Milk?

All Family can enjoy with Lactose Free Milk especially Lactose intolerance person.

What is Lactose Free Milk & Is it cow milk?

Lactose Free Milk is 100% Cow milk. It use natural enzyme to digest lactose sugar. So, it?s easy to digest and comfort stomach and? suitable for Lactose intolerance person.