Key Nutrients in Milk

A lot of nutrients in milk. Milk compose with water, milk fat, milk protein, lactose, vitamins and minerals.

  • Water

Water is main component in milk water. It?s more than 85%. Milk water is media between milk protein and milk fat suspension.? ?It?s also support lactose, vitamins and minerals soluble in milk.

  • Milk fat or butter fat

Milk fat disperse in part of emulsion. The milk fat component also has phospholipid, cholesterol, carotenoid and vitamin A.

Milk fat content depend on variation factor e.g. feed, milk collection, breeding and season. Generally, milk fat is around 4% which is quite lower than fried foods.

  • Milk Protein

3.1) Casein

– 80% of Total Casein is phosphoprotein.

– Contain essential amino acid for human body.

– Casein protein can separate from milk milk water by sedimentation by natural protease enzyme which is process of cheese.

3.2) Whey

Whey is liquid content which separate from casein sedimentation.

  • Lactose

Lactose is natural milk sugar. Milk contain lactose around 2.4 ? 6.1%.

There is disaccharide sugar which compose with glucose 1 molecule with galactose 1 molecule. Lactose can separate from whey. It?s by product from separation of whey, casdein and cheese.

  • Vitamin and Minerals

Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Calcium and Phosphorous


Reference :

Asst. Prof. Dr. Pimpen? Pornchalrmpong

Professer honor Dr. ?Nitiya? Rattanapanont