Dairy cattle history

Cow farming originated from goat and sheep farming. Backward to 9000 years B.C. in Iran and Africanistan country. Then, Cattle farming appeared in new stone age 6000 ? 7000 years B.C. in Mesopotamia civilization.
Estimated 4000 years B.C. There are 2 routes of milk consumption culture which are distributed to Asia and Europe. In Asia via Arayan through India and Middle East. Another route via German pass through Noth and Middle Europe.
Year 1600, Europian took cows to do farming in America. Then, English took cows to do farming in Australia in year 1788.
Year 1800, Luise Paster discoveried wine pasteurizing and come to industry revolution era. This is track to milk pasteurized factory.
Year 1814, Europian traveled to New Zealand and Missionary named ? Samuel Marsden ? carried dairy cows to this land and spread breeding around adjacent area.
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