a bit of knowledge of sugar

Sugar, Is it Hero or Culprit ?

Actually, human body need energy for utilization. Sugar is great source to ready use immediately.

Especially brain function, sweet drinks can generate freshness suddenly.?? ?In contrast, overload of sugar when the human body is sufficient. It could be bad effect soon.

Naturally, there are many sugar types in different sweetness for human perception.

It can be divided by Relative Sweetness Index.

Comparison of sucrose at level 100 and lactose at level 20. Lactose provide lowest sweetness.

Fructose or Fruit sugar? = 140

Sucrose or Cane sugar? = 100

Glucose? = 70 ? 80

Lactose or Milk sugar? = 20

In addition, there are different size of sugar molecule which mainly divide into 2 groups

Monosaccharide (small size) e.g. Glucose, Galactose, Fructose

And Disaccharide (large size) e.g. Sucrose, Lactose

After human body consume Disaccharide (large size), it need to digest to Monosaccharide (small size) in order to easily absorption.


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