Milk Fact

There many story telling about milk. Let?s review with the milk fact as below.

????? 1. Overweight from Milk drinking

Milk Fact : Overweight problem come from unbalance eating and exercise. Generally, milk contain around 4% fat. It?s quite lower than others food. We recommend to control.

????? 2. Milk Allergy from Milk drinking

Milk Fact : There are 2 cause of Milk problems which are Milk Allergy and Milk intolerance.

Milk Allergy come from low immune in infant?s body. It will symptoms as respiratory problem and irritation tissue. They will be better immune when they grow up.

Milk intolerance come from lactose intolerance when children grow up. Symptoms are bloating, hard to digest until diarrhea.

Most of Asian and Thai people are Lactose intolerance.? We recommend to drink continue from children to adults. If they are not continue milk drinking. It shall start from gradually drink after meal. Then, human body adjust to familiar with milk.

????? 3. Milk drinking is suitable for children only

Milk Fact : Every age need nutritive value. Milk is high nutritive value which is easy to drink daily. Children age need nutrients to body growth. ?Working age need to enrich bone and muscle. Adult age need to nourish skin and recovery body.

Edited by mMilk team